Flame Cutting

Flame cutting is the traditional style used for the cutting of metals. Mostly cutting is done with oxy flame because a large number of people have knowledge about it, that how to deal with flame cutting technology.

Oxygen Cutting

Flame cutting is also called oxygen cutting in which the targeted part of the metal to be cut is raised to the highest ignition temperature with the use of oxy-fuel gas flame. A cylinder of oxygen, a fuel gas, hoses, a torch, and a striker are all that is required. This makes it an excellent choice for fieldwork.

Cutting Master Related Products

Cutting master is work according to the client’s demands that’s the reason behind the vast range of cutting categories. Flame cutting is used to make the following products such as mentioned below:

  • Stairs railings
  • Doors and the main gate
  • Windows
  • Artwork
  • Laser cutting wall panel

These goods are manufactured highly skillfully with the use of fiber laser cutting. As a result, the finished product is abundantly adequate.


Flame cutting advantages

Flame cutting is highly recommended for various types of cutting. It has many advantages

  • Flame cutting is the cheapest way to cut metal.
  • This type of cutting is precise portable as no power supplies are needed.
  • Flame cutting is the fastest way to cut a metal because of its sharp knife-like flame.
  • It can easily cut the thickest and hard metal in just a few seconds.

The flame cutting unerringly amended and shaped the product. As its flame is so high-pitched that it is not damaging any product’s shape while cutting.

Public Choice

It’s the result of the unremitting hardworking and efficiency, that today Cutting Master become one of the best cutting services provider in the town. Cutting Master have been serving from many years and showing its expertise with the usage of latest technologies one of in its list is flame cutting

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