Ayatul Kursi Wall Art metal Gold Silver CNC Laser Cutting home Decor

Ayatul Kursi Wall Art


  Ayatul Kursi wall art is a Stainless Steel Exclusive Modern Islamic Calligraphy & Metal Wall Art use as Home Decor &  interior decoration bedroom, Office […]

Ad Memon
Ad Memon
I Have ordered Dua-e-safar square. Mashallah The Quality and Look is amazing as shown. Great Work.????
Siddrah Bashir
Siddrah Bashir
it is mashAllah realy nice .i am gonna order again inshAllah
Aamir Pervaiz Kirmani
Aamir Pervaiz Kirmani
excellent experience with Mr zain ul abadin sahab looking forward for more working relationship with cutting master highly recommended
muhammad iqbal
muhammad iqbal
Very professional, reasonable highly recommend
Sidra Aslam
Sidra Aslam
It was a good experience of shopping with the cutting Master. Found my parcel so beautiful just as I wanted it to be. Thank you Cutting Master!!!
Anjum Rauf
Anjum Rauf
Good quality with reasonable price
Usama Bajwa
Usama Bajwa
Awesome ???? Quality same


Ayatul Kursi wall art is a Stainless Steel Exclusive Modern Islamic Calligraphy & Metal Wall Art use as Home Decor &  interior decoration bedroom, Office decoration, wall hanging and it will be a beautiful Eid Gift, Ramazan Gift to your loved ones with high-quality products with CNC cutting.


Ayatul kursi is in the second surah of the Quran Kareem. This dominant Ayats is the 255th verse of the surah Al-Baqarah. This is considered one of the most powerful ayats of the Quran Kareem. Ayatul kursi is widely memorized and displayed in the Islamic world.

Meaning of Ayatul Kursi

Ayatul Kursi speaks about how nothing and nobody is comparable to ALLAH. All the powers belong to one and only king and maker of us to ALLAH.

Benefits of Ayatul Kursi

Ayatul Kursi is the package of many benefits for its reciter. Some of these rewards and blessings are mention below:

  • It will protect its reader from evil eyes.
  • Ayatul kursi is acted as a protecting shield.
  • So If Ayatul Kursi is in your house than your home is quite away from the bad eyes.
  • It will be guarded against many tough situations and emergencies.

Ayatul Kursi in the Household

If Ayatul Kursi is in your place in any form then it will show its magic and blessings. ALLAH order HIS guardian angel to cover that house from all misfortunes. That’s the reason why Muslims learn it and try to keep it closed.

 Practice in Muslims Life

Muslims add the Ayatul Kursi in their lives in alternate ways. One of the best by which Ayatul kursi become the part of houses is Ayatul Kursi calligraphy art hanging on the walls.

Ayatul Kursi Calligraphy

It is unique calligraphy is a fragment of every house. Ayatul Kursi modern wall art not only safeguards the house but also makes the walls beautiful and basically it shows the Muslim’s affection for Islam.

Metal and steel Islamic Wall Art

Islamic metal artwork is the most precious wall art design. Stainless steel royal Ayatul Kursi wall art is now manufactured by many industries. These service providers gives different cuts to the metal and make striking grace of Ayatul Kursi Wall art.

Master Cutting

Master Cutting is the top leading company in Pakistan which has been serving for 5 years. We offer many beautiful designs of stainless steel Ayatul Kursi wall art calligraphy.

Reason to choose Cutting Master

These are a few points on why people prefer Cutting Master instead of other services:

  • Price is within range
  • Metal quality is best
  • Designs are attractive
  • Cutting Master satisfy client’s mind

Exceptional Services

Apart from above one of the best things which makes the Cutting Master services best is qualitative service within the prescribed time. But On the other hand, client demands are completely fulfilled.

Islamic Love

Muslims’ adoration for Islam is unexplainable. They practice all things which make them feel close to ALLAH. One of way to show respect to Islamic religion is by putting Arabic and ayyat calligraphy on the walls.

Sum Up

Religion is a base of humanity. People find out different ways to satisfy their mental and inner peace. Islamic art calligraphy is one of the source of it. Modern Cutting is a service provider that gives a new tradition to the Arabic art calligraphy by introducing a 3D style cutting of stainless steel. Beautiful calligraphy hanging on the wall decor the wall and maintain a strong connection with ALLAH.


Additional information

Weight N/A

Gold & Silver, Gold, Silver, Black


48×36 inch

Ayatul Kursi Wall Art
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