Fabi Ayyi Aala Wall Art Laser cutting Modern metal Home Decor

Fabi-ayyi ala-i rabbikuma


Fabi Ayyi Aala Wall Art Laser cutting Modren metal Home Decor Black, Beautiful Wall Hanger Metal Art free home delivery in Lahore Pakistan Fabi–Ayyi Ala-I Rabbikuma […]

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Ad Memon
Ad Memon
I Have ordered Dua-e-safar square. Mashallah The Quality and Look is amazing as shown. Great Work.????
Siddrah Bashir
Siddrah Bashir
it is mashAllah realy nice .i am gonna order again inshAllah
Aamir Pervaiz Kirmani
Aamir Pervaiz Kirmani
excellent experience with Mr zain ul abadin sahab looking forward for more working relationship with cutting master highly recommended
muhammad iqbal
muhammad iqbal
Very professional, reasonable highly recommend
Sidra Aslam
Sidra Aslam
It was a good experience of shopping with the cutting Master. Found my parcel so beautiful just as I wanted it to be. Thank you Cutting Master!!!
Anjum Rauf
Anjum Rauf
Good quality with reasonable price
Usama Bajwa
Usama Bajwa
Awesome ???? Quality same

Fabi Ayyi Aala Wall Art Laser cutting Modren metal Home Decor Black, Beautiful Wall Hanger Metal Art free home delivery in Lahore Pakistan

FabiAyyi Ala-I Rabbikuma Tukazziban


This ayat is a part of the most beautiful surah of the Quran Kareem and It is present in the 27th parah of the Holy Book belongs to the Last Prophet of ALLAH Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W).

Authoritative Surah

Surah Rehman is considered one of the most dominant Surah because it portraits just the small image of ALLAH’s assistance and gifts to us. In this surah one ayat is continuously repeated one after one line. Which is FabiAyyi Ala-I Rabbikuma Tukazziban.  This simply means that this ayat has hidden many blessings in it.

Meaning of

The meaning of the FabiAyyi Ala-I Rabbikuma Tukazziban is completely identified the blessing of our Lord to us. It represent that “Then which of the favors of your Lord will you deny?


There are a lot of benefits and welfares of surah Rehman and FabiAyyi Ala-I Rabbikuma Tukazziban. Some of which are given below:

  • Surah Rehman is the cure of many diseases.
  • It is the source of ALLAH’ pleasure.

They are just few but it has many advantages which anyone of us cannot explain.

The best part of Surah Rehman

The whole surah is consist of the ALLAH’s countless and continuous attributes on us. The most attractive chunk is FabiAyyi Ala-I Rabbikuma Tukazziban which gives the message that there is no one other than ALLAH alone who is most merciful and noble.

Muslims Routine

This surah and ayat is a part of Muslim prayer because they admit its strength. Most of the Muslims decor their houses with FabiAyyi Ala-I Rabbikuma Tukazziban metal cutting calligraphy which not only makes walls beautiful but also shows its blessings on their lives and health.

Unique Wall Art Design

FabiAyyi Ala-I Rabbikuma Tukazziban calligraphy is used by many people it shows the love of Muslims for their religion. Muslims prefer Islamic graphic stainless steel calligraphy as compare to other painting trends. Islamic paintings refresh their love and respect for religion.

Best Service Provider for Metal Calligraphy

There are many sectors which are working in metal calligraphy but people select only those which give them complete satisfaction. One of the best in the list of royal Islamic calligraphy service provider is Cutting Master.

Cutting Master

From several years Cutting Master shows its capabilities and expertise in metallic 3D calligraphy design. It prioritizes the customer demands and changes their virtual picture of metallic design into real one.

Features of the Cutting Master

These are some highlighted points about it:

  • We used the best quality design.
  • Cutting Master gives the shape to the metal according to the client’s wish.
  • They offer within range metallic cutting calligraphy prices.
  • They offer different discounts to clients.
  • The order is delivered within a short period.

FabiAyyi Ala-I Rabbikuma Tukazziban with Cutting Master

Cutting Master introduces different styles in FabiAyyi Ala-I Rabbikuma Tukazziban which fulfills the client’s wishes and many people appreciated its unique style of calligraphy. On the other hand, and Cutting Master metallic calligraphy playing an important role in refreshing the faith of Muslims.


Islamic metallic calligraphy is now part of every house furnishings and People really like to add Islamic art to their houses So that’s why every one of us go with such a metallic cutting service that gives extraordinary services.

Fabi Ayyi Aalaa Wall Art Laser cutting 

Thickness: 1.5mm
Material: Metal

Additional information

Weight N/A

Gold, Silver, Black


48×18 inch

Fabi-ayyi ala-i rabbikuma
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