Four Qul Modern Wall Art Laser Cutting in SS Sheet & MS Sheet, COD

Four Qul Modern Wall Art Laser Cutting


Four Qul Modern Wall Art (Laser Cutting) 4 Qul are the last part of the Quran Kareem. 4 Qul are the part of the 3Oth chapter […]

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Ad Memon
Ad Memon
I Have ordered Dua-e-safar square. Mashallah The Quality and Look is amazing as shown. Great Work.????
Siddrah Bashir
Siddrah Bashir
it is mashAllah realy nice .i am gonna order again inshAllah
Aamir Pervaiz Kirmani
Aamir Pervaiz Kirmani
excellent experience with Mr zain ul abadin sahab looking forward for more working relationship with cutting master highly recommended
muhammad iqbal
muhammad iqbal
Very professional, reasonable highly recommend
Sidra Aslam
Sidra Aslam
It was a good experience of shopping with the cutting Master. Found my parcel so beautiful just as I wanted it to be. Thank you Cutting Master!!!
Anjum Rauf
Anjum Rauf
Good quality with reasonable price
Usama Bajwa
Usama Bajwa
Awesome ???? Quality same

Four Qul Modern Wall Art (Laser Cutting)

4 Qul are the last part of the Quran Kareem. 4 Qul are the part of the 3Oth chapter of Quran Kareem. 4 Qul consist of the following 4 surah:

  • Surah AL-Kafiron
  • Surah AL-Ikhlas
  • Surah AL-Falak
  • Surah AL-Nas

Benefits of 4 Qul

There are many benefits of  some of which are given below:

  • They provide inner peace
  • They safe people from the evil eye
  • 4 Qul is the reason for ALLAH’s blessing
  • Whoever recites 4 Qul, Almighty’s protection cover him

Muslims love for Quran Kareem

Muslim love for Islam and Holy Quran Kareem is unexplainable. They want to keep it close to their hearts and in front of their eyes because of this Muslims mostly use Ayat wall calligraphy for their houses.

A way of showing affection

Muslims find out the different ways to show their religious passion, one of which is hanging beautiful wall art of ayats on walls. This is definitely displayed ALMIGHTY’s follower’s spirituality. 10 of 8 percent of people using 4 Qul as a decoration in their houses which shows Muslim prosperity.

4 Qul Wall art calligraphy

As per the above discussion. The 4 Qul has a fanciful hidden blessing in it. People using now Royal wall art for the decor which not only makes house walls beautiful but also cover the house from many evil and bad eyes.

Royal wall art

According to the Muslim concept, they always use best in the way of religion. For keeping in view this concept many steel cutting sectors and one of these Master Cutting (laser cutting service in Lahore) introduce different technology and advance design for the clients.

Master Cutting

Master Cutting is one of the top laser cutting services in the Lahore which provides stainless steel calligraphy cutting in a different style for the wall embellishment. Client satisfaction is the main mission of the buyers. Master cutting offers different designs of 4 Qul wall calligraphy in a reasonable price.



Thickness: 1.5mm
Material: Metal

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Gold, Silver, Black


36×36 Inch

Four Qul Modern Wall Art Laser Cutting
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