Kalma with Frame metal wall art La Ilaha Ilallah cnc laser cutting design

Kalma with Frame metal wall art


Kalma with Frame metal wall art Kalma (La ILAHA ILLALLAH) Pillar of Islam Kalma is the core portion of the Islamic religion. LA ILAHA ILLALLAH is […]

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Ad Memon
Ad Memon
I Have ordered Dua-e-safar square. Mashallah The Quality and Look is amazing as shown. Great Work.????
Siddrah Bashir
Siddrah Bashir
it is mashAllah realy nice .i am gonna order again inshAllah
Aamir Pervaiz Kirmani
Aamir Pervaiz Kirmani
excellent experience with Mr zain ul abadin sahab looking forward for more working relationship with cutting master highly recommended
muhammad iqbal
muhammad iqbal
Very professional, reasonable highly recommend
Sidra Aslam
Sidra Aslam
It was a good experience of shopping with the cutting Master. Found my parcel so beautiful just as I wanted it to be. Thank you Cutting Master!!!
Anjum Rauf
Anjum Rauf
Good quality with reasonable price
Usama Bajwa
Usama Bajwa
Awesome ???? Quality same

Kalma with Frame metal wall art


Pillar of Islam

Kalma is the core portion of the Islamic religion. LA ILAHA ILLALLAH is the pillar of Islam. Muslims’ firm belief start from it. No Muslim can claim himself an Islamic follower until he realizes the true meaning of LA ILAHA ILLALLAH by heart.

Prime Message

LA ILAHA ILLALLAH has the supreme note in it. ALLAH is the incomparable creator of us and we are all under his authority and extreme supremacy. As it is the main part of Islamic religion this is the reason why Muslims use LA ILAHA ILLALLAH calligraphy as a household wall decoration.

( Kalma with Frame metal wall art )La ILAHA ILLALLAH Wall Art

Kalm is used by every Muslim as wall art decoration. Some of them use stainless steel La ILAHA ILLALLAH calligraphy and more or less are use embroidery calligraphy.

Islamic Metal Calligraphy

Islamic calligraphy is the mark of Muslim’s worship and respect for Islam. They prefer different designs of wall calligraphy just to beautify the houses. This is the best way to relish the Islamic religion.

 Stainless Steel Kalma Wall Art Calligraphy Services

There are many services offered by many industries. They make available many varieties of metallic calligraphy for clients. One of the best producers is Cutting Master.

Cutting Master

Cutting Master is already has a good name because of its incomparable facilities for metal calligraphy. They go with the latest cutting technologies. Cutting Master manufacture royal and unique Islamic wall art in an affordable range.

La ILAHA ILLALLAH Written by Cutting Master

Cutting Master shows its working skills in many Islamic wall art but one of the top-rated is stainless steel calligraphic of La ILAHA ILLALLAH. This matchless and unremarkable metal wall art design is vastly liked by the customer and has higher viewership.

Why Cutting Master?

In this time many sectors arrange for this type of Islamic metallic wall art services but Cutting Master gives the best quality within a reasonable range. Cutting master use superior quality of metal and steel.

Client Suggestions

Cutting Master always gives priorities to the client’s suggestions and recommendations. Cutting Master go with a client demand procedure. The buyer recommends design and then made such calligraphy that completely suits a customer mentality.


La ILAHA ILLALLAH Hanging Wall Art

As we discussed above the La ILAHA ILLALLAH hanging wall calligraphy. Muslims have very positive reviews about it. They said by Islamic decoration it really feels like ALLAH’s blessings are continuously showers on them. It really displays Muslim prosperity with faith.

Relation with Emotion

As we know that anything is related to Islam than Muslims automatically build an emotional relationship with it. That’s why Muslims show such great interest and sympathy towards Islamic art calligraphy. Here a point comes to their internal feelings so they need extraordinary quality for it.

In Short

According to Muslim Islamic wall art (La ILAHA ILLALLAH) design is a source of inner peace. For Muslims, they don’t use Islamic calligraphy as a decoration but they have spiritual relations with it. Keeping it in mind Cutting Master proposes the best packages with the best quality to the client.

Thickness: 1.5mm
Material: Metal

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Additional information

Weight N/A

Gold, Silver, Black


36×30 inch

Kalma with Frame metal wall art
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